Advanced Maternal Age – Pregnancy After 35

Advanced maternal age is defined as an expectant mother who will be 35 at the time of delivery.  Many women well into their 30’s and beyond are delivering healthy babies, however it is the age at which certain issues are recognized in pregnancy.


Some risks associated with a pregnancy after 35 include a multiple pregnancy, a higher risk of pregnancy loss and a higher risk of delivering a baby with chromosomal abnormalities.  Women that fit into the advanced maternal age category are also more likely to develop gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Making Healthy Choices

Seeking regular prenatal care during your pregnancy will help your provider monitor you and your baby’s health.  Eating a healthy diet is extremely important to your baby’s growth and development.  We encourage women to take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid daily and to eat lots of protein and other essential nutrients.   Staying active can help to improve your overall health and prepare your body for labor and childbirth.

Prenatal Testing Available

There are several screening and diagnostic tests available to you during pregnancy.  Some screening tests that are done here at our office include, the First Trimester Screen, NIPT, AFP and ultrasounds.  These screens are non-invasive to the baby and can provide information about whether you are at increased risk for certain conditions.

If you are interested in more information regarding screening or diagnostic testing during your pregnancy, please ask your provider at your next visit.

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