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IUD / Nexplanon Pre-Procedure Instructions & Information

  • After the Provider has ordered your IUD or Nexplanon device, please allow time for Insurance Pre- Authorization.  Someone from our office will contact you after approval.  Please call if you have not heard from us within 2 weeks.
  • The IUD is best placed while on your period, however it can still be placed if you are not menstruating.  It is suggested to call on 1st day of your period and schedule the IUD placement within the next couple of days.  *Please note that this is not an emergency and if your cycle starts on a weekend or holiday please call the next business day during office hours.
  • On the day of your IUD insertion appointment, you should take two (200mg each) Ibuprofen tablets with food, one hour before your appointment time unless allergic or you have been told not to take it by your primary care provider.
  • Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early for your appointment to allow time for parking and check-in.
  • Upon arrival you will be asked to leave a urine specimen to verify you are not pregnant.
  • Please call and choose the option to speak with Triage Staff if you have any further questions regarding your IUD/Nexplanon procedure or your post care needs or concerns.

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