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Let’s Talk About…VAGINA’S with Dr. T

Let’s talk about your lady bits!!!

Yes your lady bits! However, we are going to call them by their rightful names. First we will start off with the numero uno the VAGINA!! Yes the Vagina!! Say loud and proud VAGINA!!!!! This is it correct anatomical name. It has been called many things including pocketbook–yes pocketbook–but I am not sure what you keep in there because you should not keep anything in there.

I think I was destined to become an OBGYN because my mother always said “take a mirror to your hoo-ha (one more name for VAGINA), it’s yours and you should know what it looks like!!” I have finally convinced this Catholic woman to now call her “hoo-ha” a VAGINA however reluctantly! I am winning…. sorry I digress.

So in the words of a very smart woman take a mirror and look at your VAGINA. Why do I want you to look at your vagina? Well for one you should know what it looks like. It’s yours and you are with it every day so you should be familiar with it! Plus, you only get one!!! I have had grown women who have had children come into the office and think there was something wrong with their vagina, and when I asked “well, did you look at it before you were pregnant” and the answer was always “NO!” Look at your VAGINA!!

Today, we are only going to go over the outside of the VAGINA and its surrounding structures. I look at VAGINA’s every day and not one of them is the same. Just like people, they come in many different shapes and sizes and colors! So this is why I want you to look at your VAGINA. I want you to become familiar with it because it is yours and you should KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! Just in case something happens to go wrong with it, you can say to me, this was never there before!!! You don’t need to look at it every day but at least once to get acquainted with it. You should become familiar with your lady bits, aka VAGINA.

In the words of a very smart women who taught her gynecologist daughter before she was a gynecologist……


Pictures and explanation below.

Until next time,

Dr. T

Anatomy of a vagina

This is an illustration of the anatomy of a woman’s lady bits!

Mons Pubis:  where the pubic hair grows

Clitoris: The very important organ with many nerve endings that make sex pleasurable

Urethral Opening:  Where the pee comes out, connection to bladder

Vaginal Opening:  YOUR VAGINA

Inner and Outer Lips: technically called Labia Majora (outer larger) and Labia Minora (inner smaller)

Perineum: area between your vagina and rectum (ANUS)

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